Android "Gang Wars" Cheats

"Gang Wars" for Android is a Mafia game you can play on your phone. It's free and you can play it online with other Android users. The objective of the game is to build up your Mafia empire by performing jobs, buying properties and weapons, fighting other players online, adding new gangsters and challenging others. You can get around the game's limitations on what you can do.

Promotional Codes

The website AndroLib offers several promotional codes for when you register to play Gang Wars. The code .8A0F4! will allow you to increase the size of your gang. All you need to do is go back to the review page and enter the code. The code ♥6CF56♥ will give you two free respect points without having to do anything in the game. The code 969C9 will give you extra money and extra respect. Entering 91ED6 will give you a gang of 900 and $80 million in cash.

Codes To Win Fights

One of the key ways to increase your character's power and money is to fight other players in the game. When you choose to fight, you are given a list of players near your power level to fight and you can win or lose battles based on your statistics. The code 71d8e will help you get a large sum of cash and more power.

Application to Download

A download is available to earn some respect points from This application costs $3.99.

Even More Free Respect Points

You can get even more respect points from the Get Android Stuff site (see References). Select the download button to get 250 additional respect points and increase your gang, which will give you more influence and more power to take down rivals and build your empire.