How to Defeat O'Chunks in "Super Paper Mario"

In "Super Paper Mario," the royal Princess Peach has been taken hostage by Bowser yet again. This time, she's forced to marry him, which sets off a chain of cataclysmic events that eventually reveal a far greater villain. Mario and Bowser must team up to find the miraculous objects known as "Pure Hearts" which are guarded by tough bosses around the world. One boss that stands in the way is a simple-minded, but powerful minion called O'Chunks. Mario needs to take out O'Chunks to continue his quest for the Pure Hearts.



Change your helper to the Pixl Thoreau. Use Thoreau to grab O'Chunks, then throw him at the floor to stun him.


Jump on O'Chunks' head, or attack him with Bowser's flame breath.


Run to the side as O'Chunks flies into the air and attempts to land on you.


Attack O'Chunks approximately 10 times, depending on your current attack power. O'Chunks is defeated when his 100 health points are depleted.